A You Ready For The Covid Passport?

We have watched our police state (in all but name) grow in recent years, and it shows no sign of letting up. Covid19 actually seems to have accelerated things, not slowed them down.

We were warned some time ago that the threat of a pandemic would be used to usher in methods of control the world has scarcely seen. It was noticed by many on the so called ‘Far Right’ (a euphemism that is losing its effectiveness about as much as Nazi these days) First we had lockdowns, then compulsory masks, and now it seems COVID passports..

Everyone who warned us of what was coming was labelled a “conspiracy theorist” by the MSM, various government officials, an assortment of scientific advisors (including SAGE) and, of course, the walking worried. And now we see contact tracing is ramping up, despite the bungling Matt Hancock, it now looks like Boris is going to announce lockdowns tonight, (12th Oct) now COVID passports are being discussed.

Boris Johnson recently announced the “Moonshot Plan” that includes COVID passports. Incidentally the British Medical Journal (BMJ) stated the technology doent exist to do these tests here

These COVID Passports provide people who test negative the ability to return to normalcy, what ever that is. They would be able to attend sports events, concerts, go back to work and school.

Because these tests are still in the development process and have not been approved, the likelihood of false positives, as already admitted to be a concern by Matt Hancock last week, would do nothing but create confusion.Already Big Tech is working with the UK government to create these passports. “Digital Identity experts” say they are only in the discovery phase of a plan that would be tailored to the needs of the UK government. Those plans have been in place for decades. All the UK government needed was the reason to implement it.

Currently under discussion is the use of biometrics to prove which workers have had COVID.
One such tech firm is Onfido, a firm that specializes in facial biometrics and has already delivered detailed plans to the government about what it is able to help accomplish on a nationwide basis.The proposals state that the firm could use antigen or antibody tests.

It is quite telling that the World Health Organization is warning against “spreading false hope” with the immunity passport scheme. They argue we simply don’t know enough about how immunity develops after having had COVID. Yet the WHO and most countries are still going ahead with vaccine development?
We are seeing a vaccine passport scheme, not an immunity scheme. “We don’t know enough about immunity” means having had COVID will not be enough to allow someone their “passport to freedom” as The Guardian has described it.
Onfido claims that its new “COVID passport” could be the “linchpin of the new normality.”

The Guardian recently described the scheme thus:
Their solution would embed Onfido technology within another organization’s app to establish someone’s identity. The person would be asked to take a selfie and an image of their government-issued identification, such as a passport or driver’s license. The technology can determine whether the person’s face matches their ID, and also if the ID is genuine. This creates a digital identity.

They are then tested for coronavirus under a system endorsed by the government and the result is stored by another provider – in the UK this would most likely be the NHS.

When the person goes to their workplace, they open the app, take a photo of their face and that unlocks a QR code. That QR code would be scanned by reception using simple camera technology and on their system they would see the test result and a photo of the employee’s face for a short time, allowing them to visually determine the identity of the person in front of them.

The only technology a business would need to make this work would be a camera to take an image of the QR code as they arrive. No information about someone’s name, date of birth, address would be visible to the person on reception, only that they are fit to go into work.

Interestingly, the list of Onfido investors, among others, includes Microsoft, who, as we all know, is owned by Bill Gates, the man who, after years of advocating for global vaccination programmes, is now suddenly a medical expert and Immunologist.

Like I said above, David Icke, and others, including the supposed ‘far right’ and assorted conspiracy theorists have been warning about this coming plan for some time, if not years. He, and they, were ridiculed and laughed at. I’ll bet no one is laughing now. In fact just the opposite.

Image by Geralt

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