Lockdown 2 for UK?

Apologies for  my absence, I’ve had a few issues to deal with, along with the Covid19 challenge we are all having to grapple with. Although I managed to catch our illustrious leader on TV last night!

Boris Johnson gave his address to the nation. I was particularly amused by his reference to “our free nation”. Our freedoms seem to be disappearing faster than social distancing at a BLM protest. It’s almost as if Magna Carta was never meant to be taken seriously!

His address, in fact his whole handling of the affair by his administration bring to mind 10 steps you could employ, if you want to turn an nonthreatening virus into a global power grab, in tandem with other governments of course, I mean there is no point in flying solo if one doesn’t have to, is there?

Start with a poorly defined virus, add an inaccurate test like here for it, and encourage as many terminally or critically ill people as possible to be repeat tested until they do test positive here.

Report your inevitably very high death rates and be deliberately non specific about whether these people died of, with or  because of  the virus, or simply with it, here.

Create a ‘response’ to the ‘crisis’ that rolls out a vast network of authoritarian measures like here some of which have been in planning for a long while, and only a minority of which have any possible application to pandemic-prevention. (Don’t forget to cancel elections until further notice and to hugely increase police powers of arrest and surveillance)

Shut down your hospitals to all but ‘Covid19 cases’. Cancel elective surgeries, kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, normal GP consultations and all “non-emergency healthcare”. Thus inevitably increasing all-cause mortality here
Open a new hospital, or 10, and name them something evocative like Nightingale, it doesn’t matter if they are not used, it will support the narrative.

Change your laws in numerous ways to allow almost all of these new deaths to bypass normal checks and balances and be easily diagnosed as ‘covid-19 related’ (https://off-guardian.org/2020/04/05/covid19-death-figures-a-substantial-over-estimate/), either with the inaccurate test or simply by ‘clinical presentation’ or as it’s now known as ‘just call it covid’.

In case some attending medics are reluctant to go along with this, change the law to allow a single medico, who may never even have seen the patient in question, to diagnose covid19 at his/her own discretion.

Report the startling numbers of ‘new cases’ you find as a result of these various manipulations, as evidence for how essential the new authoritarian measures are for ‘saving lives’. As an added bonus get mainstream media to constantly repeat a mantra that is catchy and memorable, say ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’, emphasis the safety component to ensure compliance.

With no sense of irony introduce mandatory Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)s  for any demographic you consider neddlessly using resources, like food. here (If challenged, talk about human suffering, limited NHS resources and ventilators)

Don’t forget to add any ensuing deaths to the covid19 totals.

Make sure the media calls anyone who questions any part of this a ‘conspiracy theorist’ here

Not only will these ten steps allow you to create an authoritarian police state, but the chattering classes in the media will actually criticize you for not being enough of a police state and beg for more.

No doubt some will say this is excessively cynical, maybe even ‘conspiratorial’. But is it?

What has the orthodox story done, in the same time?

The claim for this being a unique pathology requiring unique levels of intervention is being made every day, in virtually every mainstream outlets, many independant news outlets and by virtually every major government and affiliated NGO.

It’s a deafening cacophony, a 24/7 noise of fear and anxiety, of headlines and speculation, of ‘what ifs’ and ‘some experts claim’ absolute forests of unconfirmed or unexplained numbers.

But what is it based on? What data, what statistics, what observations are forming the basis of this narrative?

Is there anything solid behind the noise?

Despite the atmosphere of panic being generated, and despite frequent usage of epithets like ‘deadly virus’ in the popular press, no one is claiming Covid19 kills a lot of people. How many do you personally know who have had, much less passed away from it?

In fact quite the opposite,  as we pointed out recently. The very same sources that are promoting the need for unique action over this virus will tell you in the next breath that there is nothing uniquely dangerous about it at all. Swiss Policy Research article

According to the UK’s chief medical officer, 80% of those infected will get no symptoms or a mild cold, only a tiny minority will even need treatment in hospital, and even of those, the vast majority will survive. here

So, what, in actual real-world terms, is being claimed? If the problem isn’t that this virus kills a lot of people, what is the problem?

The only response to that is to talk about health services being overrun due to the ‘R0’. You can’t take that number in isolation. It doesn’t mean anything on its own.

A high R0 is not concerning if the virus is harmless to most people who encounter it. The common cold has an R0 of between 2-3 Wikipedia link, pretty much the same as SARSCOV2 NIH.gov It also can kill vulnerable people, sometimes in large numbers.

So, if this argument makes sense we should be locked down permanently for fear of catching a sniffle.

The R0 argument used to get additional credibility from referring to the Imperial model and its prediction that the health service would be overrun if some kind of lockdown was not enforced. here
Well it didnt happen before, which is presumably why Boris, originally lifted the lockdown a month or so ago.
But this is more than problematic. The Imperial model has now been widely discredited, and its author, Neil Ferguson, exposed as a serial incompetent  and a  serial data-fudger for the govt (or, more likely, the Gates Foundation).who controls the lockdown It can no longer be used to support either the claim for uniqueness or the argument for lockdown. There is nothing to show it does either very well if at all.

Because, you know, reasons.

Covid19 reasons.

If you think there is any rational thought or data behind the global, Gatesian official position – please tell me what it is it is.

Image courtesy of Gerd Altman

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