There is a major problem developing in Britain! The moderate, patriotic right wing have been deprived of their voice.

In March 1962, JFK said; “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Many assumed Kennedy was referring to the growing African American Civil Rights movement, others claim it was a warning to President Batista of Cuba, implying the US government already knew about Castro’s impending revolution.

It turned out it was only a stock speech written for Kennedy by one of his aids and could have been used on any given day for a media soundbite.

But just how prophetic was that single sentence?

Civil Rights is a term as old as civilisation and democracy itself. Ever since humans chose representation by elders, or representatives to govern them, there have also been the disenfranchised, those who feel they are under represented or ignored.

In modern history, civil rights have become mostly associated with the African American community. It was a genuine cause and achieved an extraordinary amount of improvements for the average African American. Protests work, if done peacefully and with dignity as Martin Luther King Jr proved.

In the United Kingdom, we also benefitted from the American Civil Rights movement. Our attitudes changed and the plight of our own black immigrants became more prominent. In the past 40 years, we have, as a country, almost completely eradicated racism compared to how it was in the 1950s/60s and 1970s. There will always be more to do, but much has already been done.

However, there has been a hidden cost to the advancement of the anti-racism campaign lobby – the twin accusations of white guilt and white privilege has cast an ugly shadow over progress.

In the 1960s our academic institutions admirably took up the anti-racism cause, they did the heavy-lifting at a time when it was unpopular and even dangerous to do so. They did a great job, producing students and graduates who entered society with a mission to change our attitudes for the better. Those graduates also became part of our legal and journalist professions as well as government and the civil service.

But, changing the core values and attitudes of a society takes time and patience. By the time the 21st century arrived, the hard-left had hijacked the cause. Since Margaret Thatcher had won-over the working classes in the 1980s through; home ownership and the redistribution of shares in privatised utility companies, socialists began to realise their core voter base was disintegrating. They desperately cast around, looking to replace them. It took 18 years out of office; between 1979-1997, to find the answer.

The new Blair government needed a new electorate. Mass immigration was the answer. In any previous year until 1997, there was a manageable 50,000 net migration figure into the UK. After a few years of the Blair government, that had increased by 500%. Suddenly the face of our communities were changing faster than our tolerances could comprehend. The left had evolved from the communist weaponisation of class warfare to the fascist strategy of racism. Just as Stalin and the old Labour Party had pitted the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, New Labour were now embracing Hitler’s Nazi strategy of setting one race against another – the indigenous people against the immigrant.

A new form of racism was created. Anyone who disagreed with mass, unplanned, immigration was automatically labelled a right-wing racist. Even the working classes who had historically voted Labour, yet seen their living standards and wages depleted through cheap foreign labour were accused of being bigots and racists. The public stood aghast as 10 million migrants that no one voted for, arrived and filled our schools, hospital beds and job vacancies. Automatically entitled to instant social housing, which had seemed unavailable or in short supply to the children of the indigenous working people of Britain.

Our increasingly feeble, liberal-minded politicians, unaffected by unsustainable immigration and sustained by the – now totally infiltrated left-wing media – hammered home their attack on the innocent and confused British Public. We are accused of intolerance and lack of compassion for illegal refugees by politicians and Millionaire celebrities who don’t have to compete for jobs, schools or housing. We are labelled Nazis and fascists for defending our culture, history and national monuments. The police and judiciary give no consideration to our concerns if we react or even speak out on social media. Yet, we witness daily first, second and third generation immigrants telling us from positions of power in politics, the media and ethnic institutions that we must tear down our statues, rewrite our proud history and check our thinking, even though we are well aware there is absolutely no white, British expat representation in parliaments of their native countries.

So let’s revisit that single sentence by JFK; “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” – There is no better, or more relevant application of those words than how the British public feel today. Let’s not exclude the considerable, integrated and fully entitled black, Asian and ethnic people who arrived in the UK over several decades, who have chosen to help build our country and share their own cultural treasures with us as opposed to living in closed, unintegrated communities. Because they too feel as marginalised and voiceless as the rest of us.

Any form of unrest or dissenting opinion by the moderate Conservative, questioning the current compulsion to have us silenced and subjugated is treated with the most severe consequences. We dare not speak our minds or voice our concerns, for fear of being defined as fascists by the hard-left, media and government. This is bringing us towards a tipping point, we are voiceless, those who try to share our concerns are shut down or shut out by the media. Our anger and irritations are not being released

We, the indigenous peoples of Britain are now made to feel guilty for our achievements. We know our country offers opportunities to all, there are no barriers to those who wish to achieve success unless you choose victimhood over opportunity. If this atmosphere of oppression and atonement persists, it will be our violent revolution that is inevitable!


    • Why is this a disgusting article? Are you one of the cretinous dolts who want to shut down legitimate concerns? I’m one of the millions of people who are sick and tired of not being listened to and being labelled a right wing facist just because I don’t agree with you people. I notice you want to remain anonymous, what are you frightened of? Perhaps you are frightened of people like me who are part of the “Silent Majority” who will rise up and give you left wing turds the biggest kicking you’ve ever had.


  1. Eloquently written. I am sick of editing my posts to not offend. We really cannot share our observations of the obvious direction British society is going and can only voicelessly and helplessly watch the madness unfold

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  2. The problem as I see it is not the useless politicians, but the media, who are controlled by an anti English cabal. You may not be able to control the BBC, but some of the more rich and powerful can control the privately owned media, by buying shares kin the holding companies that own the media outlets. If enough so called right wingers buy shares in the companies, they can choose the directors, who can then choose the editors, and change the stance of the outlets. It can be done. You just need a thousand or so like minded multimillionaires who are prepared to put some money up, and things could happen. That wouyld be an interesting sight.


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